“I’m just so glad that Regina Pilgrimages organizes these kind of trips. It is truly wonderful to have the opportunity to travel with fellow SSPX youth (like this trip) and with Society faithful in general, with an SSPX priest as chaplain so there is daily Mass, etc. It is so much better than going on one’s own – more fun and much more beneficial spiritually. Thank you!” ~ A pilgrim on the 2012 Youth Pilgrimage to Italy and France


“Thank you so much! I can’t imagine a better way to have seen Italy. Daily Mass, the guided tours, good company… I wish it wasn’t over.” ~ A pilgrim on the 2009 St. Padre Pio Pilgrimage to Italy

“Our pilgrimage leaders were wonderful to everyone. Our priest was a great interpreter and explained many things to all. Our guides were the best. The Sisters at the convents were so kind to explain about the saints. The other pilgrims were great to everyone and are lifelong friends. I know everyone had a great time.” ~ A pilgrim on 2012 Women Saints of Italy


“Dear Regina Pilgrimages,
Thank you for the CD and photos of our trip to Ireland and Scotland. It was a most enjoyable pilgrimage and lasting memories. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to go. I would recommend Regina Pilgrimages to anyone. It was a well planned pilgrimage. Thank you again for a wonderful trip.” ~ A pilgrim on 2009 Catholic Treasures of Ireland and Scotland


“This pilgrimage was very special. We visited churches and shrines that most tours do not include in their itinerary. I look forward to joining you again.” ~ A pilgrim on the 2011 Anniversary Pilgrimage Catholic Treasures of Austria and Switzerland


“I had a wonderful pilgrimage. Our pilgrimage leaders are very thoughtful, sensitive and caring and set the tone for the pilgrimage. Our priest was excellent and we are blessed that we had such a holy and devout priest with us.” ~ A pilgrim on the 2010 Pilgrimage to the Holy Shroud & Santiago de Compostela


“Thank you so much for such an amazingly enjoyable trip! All the hard work and preparations didn’t go unnoticed and they made everything run as smooth as possible! The company was wonderful and the tour guides and drivers were amazing! Thank you again! God Bless!” ~ A pilgrim on 2012 Women Saints of Italy


“You’ve obviously been doing this for a while — we will tell others about Regina Pilgrimages. Thanks once again!” ~ A pilgrim on the 2009 St. Padre Pio Pilgrimage to Italy

“Thank you for all the hard work you put in for directing this incredible, spiritual pilgrimage. A very well organized pilgrimage!! We used to think pilgrimages were for the wealthy – but not necessarily so. A pilgrimage is a spiritual journey and in these times, helps make the Catholic Faith come more alive, and actually make one more dissatisfied with the things of the secular world.” ~ A pilgrim on 2010 Catholic Treasures of Sicily and Southern Italy


“I loved the whole trip. It was excellent! … Thank you for all the planning and hard work to get it all together. The trip was truly awesome and one I will never forget…” ~ A pilgrim on the 2010 Pilgrimage to the Holy Shroud & Santiago de Compostela

“Thank you for a truly magnificent pilgrimage! You’ve given me years of happy memories. My feet are already getting ready for another future trip! God bless you.” ~ A pilgrim on 2012 Women Saints of Italy


“I very much enjoyed the pilgrimage again this year, and I truly hope I can go on another one. Thank you for everything.” ~ A pilgrim on the 2012 Seminary Pilgrimage to Lourdes

“It was wonderful to travel with the deacons, brothers, and priests. Not only were they graciously helpful and kind, they also answered and explained lots of questions. The priests were wonderful as translators, tour guides, and listeners. I totally enjoyed everything I did, but also enjoyed France and being with the SSPX. It was planned out very well.” ~ A pilgrim on the 2011 Seminary Pilgrimage to Lourdes

“Great organization and preparation….in one word: AWESOME!” ~ A pilgrim on the 2008 Pilgrimage to Lourdes


“It was a wonderful trip. I was so overwhelmed I forgot to take many pictures. I wouldn’t have changed anything.” ~ A pilgrim on the 2011 Seminary Pilgrimage to Lourdes

“I’ve been on many pilgrimages; I rate this the best.” ~ A pilgrim on the 2009 St. Padre Pio Pilgrimage to Italy

“Coming on this trip has been the greatest experience and I will remember it my whole life! We had a great group of people and getting to know new places and people was a blast. Everything was so well organized that I think we saw everything possible within such a short amount of time. Thank you so much for everything.” ~ A pilgrim on the 2011 Youth Pilgrimage to France