Why Regina Pilgrimages


Why go on a pilgrimage?

Throughout the centuries, faithful pilgrims have traveled to Catholic religious sites to pray at the tombs of the saints, to venerate holy relics, to fulfill a pious promise, to embark on a Catholic pilgrimage, or simply to achieve a greater knowledge and appreciation for their Faith. Traveling to the centers of our Catholic heritage has been an invaluable means of enriching our spiritual life and providing a deeper understanding of our Catholic treasures.


Everyone has a personal reason for going on a pilgrimage. Some hope to receive special spiritual graces, others a bodily cure; some have petitions to present, while others wish to thank God for an answered prayer. Pilgrimages are a time for sanctifying the soul and growing closer to God, and are often made as act of penance and reparation.


As Catholics living in the busy 21st century, we often forget the previous two thousand years of Catholic history. From the time of Christ until today, the Catholic Church has endured and has passed on its treasures and traditions from generation to generation. why-regina-pilgrimages-chartres It is by traveling to countries rich in Catholic culture that we can appreciate and learn more about our Faith. This deeper understanding and love for our heritage immeasurably benefits our spiritual lives, and the gathered memories remain with us throughout our lives.


A pilgrimage provides time to pray, to look within oneself, to learn more about Our Lord Jesus Christ and His saints, and to make decisions in our lives based on Catholic values and morals. By walking the roads traveled by Our Lord and the saints, we have the time to meditate on their lives and their examples. By assisting at Holy Mass, we have the opportunity to venerate God with the angels and saints. By traveling with other Catholics, we share our spiritual joy and fulfillment. When we come home, we will see things differently with renewed spiritual growth and with an aspiration to imitate the heroes of our Catholic Faith by opening our hearts to the graces and blessings so abundantly received during our pilgrimage.why-regina-pilgrimages-colosseum

Why Regina Pilgrimages?

Sanctifying the soul and growing closer to God are the main goals of our pilgrimages. SSPX faithful can attend daily Tridentine Mass celebrated by an SSPX priest, benefit from common prayer, gain invaluable graces, and also share memorable experiences with fellow traditional Catholics.


Our pilgrimages for faithful of the Society of St. Pius X include daily Latin Mass, accommodations at first class or superior tourist hotels with modern amenities, all breakfasts and most dinners including welcome and farewell dinners, services of a professional Tour Escort throughout the trip, guides with expertise in the Catholic Faith, transfers and guided sightseeing on the itinerary, and medical travel insurance during the trip. We also endeavor to deepen the knowledge of our Catholic legacy by providing you with information on the sites, saints, and shrines which you will visit.


Enjoy the benefits of organized group travel, knowing that all travel preparations have been made in advance for you, and that you are on a deeply-spiritual journey with other SSPX pilgrims.


We hope to see you on our next pilgrimage!
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Daily Tridentine Mass, spiritual guidance by an SSPX priest, the company of fellow traditional Catholics, and more than 15 years of experience are just a few of the reasons to travel with Regina Pilgrimages.