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Regina Pilgrimages is a premier Catholic travel agency, family owned and operated, committed to providing customized pilgrimages for faithful of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX). Our goal is to offer memorable pilgrimages fostering a deeper knowledge and appreciation of our Catholic heritage, while enjoying social fulfillment with fellow traditional Catholics and benefiting from the comfort, security, and ease of group travel.

We began as a full-service travel agency in 1998 and organized our first pilgrimages for SSPX faithful in 2001. Having personally toured over 22 countries, we offer vast expertise on our Catholic heritage and treasures, and now we solely organize customized pilgrimages for Catholic groups. Our itineraries focus on venerating Our Lord Jesus Christ and His saints, so you can be sure to make the most of your pilgrimage by visiting invaluable Catholic shrines and relics.

The guided sightseeing highlights the Catholic treasures of each destination. The guides are carefully chosen to be experts in the Catholic saints and sites to be visited. The daily Tridentine Mass celebrated by an SSPX priest and his spiritual input during the trip, provide an invaluable means of enriching one’s spiritual life and of fostering a deeper understanding and love of our Faith.

In addition to the chaplain priest and representatives from Regina Pilgrimages, a professional Tour Escort accompanies each group throughout the entire pilgrimage to provide guided transportation and sightseeing, as well as to ensure the group’s complete satisfaction and enjoyment.

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